Our Story: Why We Started

About three decades earlier, our initiative “Rus Education” was brought to life with a simple purpose of helping medical aspirants of India get medical education abroad and become doctors to take care of the healthcare needs of the country and build a healthy India.

At that time, we in India needed more doctors to ensure proper healthcare for our fellow citizens. Fortunately, our nation had plenty of students who were aspiring to become doctors. However, we lacked the infrastructure required to provide medical education and training to the growing number of medical aspirants.

Only aspiring doctors who could get into a medical institution in India —which was a highly competitive and often a costly affair— were able to turn their dreams into a reality, while other medical aspirants were left out with little to no opportunities to pursue medical education.

To enable those students, who could not get admission to MBBS Program in India and pursue medical education, there was urgent need to craft a solution and that’s where Rus Education came in – An initiative to help medical aspirants get admission to MBBS programs of foreign medical universities, study abroad, become world-class doctors, serve the nation as well as the world with their healthcare services and ensure a thriving career in medicine.

Celebrating 27+ years of hard work, commitment, and making a real difference in the world of medical education, training, healthcare, and the lives of the next generation of doctors.

What Keeps Us Going?

In the years passed by, while India has improved on the parameter of health and has added further MBBS seats across medical universities in the nation, our country still faces an acute shortage of more than 600,000 doctors, and we, as a nation, continue to perform poorly in healthcare rankings.

Further, due to scarcity of MBBS seats in the country and mounting fees structure of medical universities in India, only a fraction of young Indians —who dream of becoming doctors— can get medical education in India. Can we ignore those alarming numbers? Can we let our fellow citizens suffer due to the healthcare resource crisis? Can we let the dreams of millions of aspiring doctors shatter? No. We can’t, and that’s what keeps us going.

We, at Rus Education, are on a mission to empower each and every medical aspirant in India to become a doctor. Since our genesis, while we have come a long way with our ripple impact touching millions of lives, we believe that there is a longer way to go forward, and by working together, we can contribute our best to give wings to the dreams of next generation of doctors and realize the shared vision of making India a healthy and prosperous nation.

  • Our Vision

We aspire to be a leading and most trusted institution helping each and every medical aspirant in India get quality medical education, become exceptional doctors, take care of the healthcare needs of the nation, craft a glorious career in the field of medicine, and play a distinct role in making the vision of Ayushman Bharat a reality.

  • Our Mission

We aim to deliver transparent, honest, and authentic guidance and support to aspiring students to empower them to get into medical institutions where they can get superior medical education and training, be involved in medical research, thrive in all aspects of life, and qualify as personally as well as professionally groomed healthcare professionals.

  • Our Core Values

We are determined to help medical aspirants become doctors, in all ways we can.


We go the extra mile to heal sufferings and care for humanity.


We stand by what is right, no matter whatever it takes.


We provide services people depend upon with peace of mind.


We honor honesty in every bit of action.


We believe that all human beings are created equal as part of one big family of mother Earth.


We move fast to innovate, embrace new concepts, and keep change constant.

Power To Empower

To empower aspiring students across India to pursue medical education, we have PAN India presence with 30+ Branches across states and a team of 300+ members, counselors, and admission advisors. While we are continuously learning, 27+ years of experience and working on the field makes us an expert in what we do, and that makes the difference in how we do what we do.

We are affiliated with 50+ Universities in the Russian Federation and other countries and have an exclusive association with top medical universities in Russia, including government medical universities that offer MBBS in Russia at low cost. Rus Education is also the exclusive and official representative of many of the best government medical universities in Russia, including:

  • Mari State University
  • Orenburg State Medical University
  • Perm State Medical University
  • Tver State Medical University
  • Siberian State Medical University
  • Kuban State University

Our Strength: Power To Empower


Dedicated Employees


Affiliated Medical Universities


PAN India Branches


Years of Experience

# 1

Largest Overseas Education Provider

Our Approach: How We Help You?

To make the process of becoming a doctor as smooth as possible, we follow a standard and student-focused approach: Provide authentic guidance right from day one through a single point of contact, deal on a one-to-one basis for personalized services, and walk with the students throughout their MBBS journey.

We believe that we are the bridge that aspiring students can walk on to make their vision of becoming a doctor a reality.

We believe that our association with the students and their family members start on the day when they first contact us. We also believe that helping students take admission into a medical university is just the beginning of the process of becoming a doctor, and our association with our students is not limited to only that stage. Our value chain goes beyond expert counseling and helping students get an MBBS seat. We work not only with the students but with their parents and guardians as well to ensure that the parents can live with peace of mind in the home country as their children study abroad and our students are assured of our support right from getting their first call to the day of their white-coat ceremony and beyond.

Our student-focused approach has earned us the trust of 20,000+ students and their family members, and we work every day to make sure we continue to keep offering only the best of us.

Be it helping the students with expert counseling, selection of the best medical university, admission process, arrangement for passport, visa, travel, airport pick-up, education loan, settling down in the university, or any issue throughout the MBBS program; be it related to education or living, we ensure that we are there for our students. That’s what sets us apart. That’s why 20,000+ students and their family members trust us.

Your Journey with Rus Education from “I want to become a doctor” to “I am a doctor.”

Your Dream

Your Vision:
“I want to Become A Doctor.”

We Can Help

Book a free counseling session with us and get support for:
⇢ University Selection
⇢ Admission to MBBS Program
⇢ Documentation & Paperwork
⇢ Travel, Passport & Visa Arrangements
⇢ Airport Pick-up in Russia
⇢ Moving into University Campus

MBBS In Russia

⇢ Get medical education and training in Russia during the 6-Year MBBS Program.
⇢ Through the program, you will get support from Rus Education.
⇢ During leaves, you can come back to India.

Become A Doctor

⇢ Once you complete your MBBS in Russia, your dream come true; you become a doctor!
⇢ After graduation, you can qualify medical licensing examination of the country where you want to practice (FMGE for India). From the moment onwards, you can say, “I Am A Doctor.”

Our Credentials

Rus Education is duly authorized by Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Cultural Department of The Embassy of Russian Federation in India) to promote Russian Education among Indian Citizens, including the organization of seminars for the promotion of Russian Education in India.

Our efforts to empower the next generation of doctors are also well recognized in India as well as cross-borders. Few of our accolades are:

mbbs in russia

Central India’s Most Trusted Education Consultant for Abroad - Awarded by Honorable Shiva Raj Singh Chouhan, Former CM of MP.

mbbs in russia

India’s Leading & Most Reliable Provider of Foreign Medical Education - Awarded by Raman Singh, Former CM of Chhattisgarh.

mbbs in russia

The Best Overseas Education Provider of the Year 2018 at Pride of Indian Education Awards 2018.

mbbs in russia

Best Overseas Education Consultant of the Year awarded 2018.

mbbs in russia

India’s Best Overseas Education Provider – Awarded by Xel Research.

mbbs in russia

Excellence in Education at Indian Excellence Awards in 2019.

Our Impact: The Positive Difference

Celebrating 27+ years of hard work, commitment, and making a real difference in the world of medical education, training, healthcare, and the lives of the next generation of doctors, we are proud of the ripple impact our efforts have made in the millions of lives.

In a period of about three decades, we have helped more than 15,000 aspirants become doctors, and now, we are fortunate to be a key facilitator for more than 5,000 students who are studying medicine in Russia and other countries. Our doctors are practicing in India, Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and other countries worldwide.

“We have helped 15,000+ students become doctors who, with their healthcare expertise, are touching millions of lives today.”

On average, about three students get admission to study MBBS in Russia through Rus Education counseling, every single day. That is changing not only the lives of our students but also the lives of their families and the healthcare system of the world. To make students aware of MBBS abroad opportunities, we organize seminars and admission expos in every major city of India, which has been of great help for students and guardians alike. For continuous support of students, we have Student Governing Associations, and for parents, we have Parents Association. These efforts not only make sure that students, as well as their parents, have no unresolved issue, but also foster a great, open, and helpful community.