MBBS in Russia: Best Option for Indian Students

MBBS in Russia: Best Option for Indian Students

It has been observed that in the recent span of time, Russia has become one of the most favourable destinations among Indian students to study MBBS in Russia. One of the major factors which are compelling Indian students to study MBBS in Russia is the affordable cost of MBBS without comprising on the quality of education.

As per the available data, at present, around 14,000 Indian students are studying MBBS in Russia. The process to seek admission in the top medical universities of Russia is very simple and easy as compared to other countries of the world, as, for enrolling in medical universities of Russia you are not required to appear for any kind of entrance exam or pay any capitation fee. Not only this, some of the main Russian medical universities also provide full-time scholarship to the meritorious students.

One of the biggest reasons because of which MBBS in Russia is widely popular amongst Indian students is the affordability. The tuition fee and the average cost of living in Russia are very low and lucrative when compared to other countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, and other countries. In fact, the medium of instruction opted by most of the medical universities of Russia is English language, which is making medical education easier for all international students. Since its inception, Russia has maintained the highest teaching standards, majorly focusing on medical education.

Russia has always proved its worth in offering world-class medical education at a reasonable cost to all the students across the world, with major emphasis on Indian students. The last two decades have seen a huge increase in the number of international students coming to study MBBS in Russia with a particularly impressive increase in Indian students. This trend is, in fact, increasing with every passing year.

Going ahead in this article, we will be discussing some of the major reasons which attract a huge section of Indian students to travel to study MBBS in Russia.

Russia Has All the Premier Institutions with Stringent Academic Measures

There are more than 50 renowned medical universities with over 17,000 doctors conferring quality medical education to a huge number of medical aspirants in Russia. All the medical universities of Russia are enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) with a large number of them having a rich history that dates back to more than two hundred years. All the medical universities in Russia offer state-of-the-art infrastructure to every student studying MBBS in the country. Examination and tests at all these universities are stringently formulated on a regular basis. Performances of the students in these examinations are assessed, and their development and improvement in mastering the topic are closely monitored to assure the best quality of graduates.

English Language Is Used As the Medium of Instruction

Initially, language barrier was one of the major concerns that stopped many Indian students from studying MBBS in Russia. But with the recent changes, this barrier has been broken as some of the medical universities of Russia offer six years MBBS program in English language to all International students, which is an added advantage to all the Indian students. Other universities offer the program with the blended medium of instruction in which English is used for the first three years while Russian is used for the final three years of the MBBS Program.

Having said that, we strongly recommend that all the students who are going to study MBBS in Russia, learn Russian in their first year itself so that they are able to communicate well with Russian people as well as with their local batch mates and colleagues. Additionally, learning Russian also helps students in their clinical training when they need to deal with local patients who speak Russian.

No Hefty Capitation Fee and Entrance Examination

To seek admission at the best medical colleges of Russia, students don't need to spend months on burning the midnight oil. Preparing for entrance exams, while anxiously waiting for the result which will determine whether they will get the admission or not, is not required for studying MBBS in Russia. Students don't have to appear for any kind of entrance examination for seeking admission to their preferred choice of Russian medical universities. Moreover, parents don't have to spend their hard-earned money in the form of donation to get their child admitted to the medical university of their choice. If you qualify the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), you can apply for direct admission to study MBBS in Russia.

Lucrative Tuition Fee and Affordable Cost Of Living

The tuition fees at the best medical universities offering MBBS in Russia are much lower when compared to other countries offering MBBS. The main reason because of which the tuition fee for pursuing MBBS in Russia is less is due to the financial support provided by the Federal Government to all the universities. An international student only has to pay about 10-20% of the actual cost of their medical education. Thus, on average, a student can complete the six-year MBBS program in about INR 18 lakhs, though the tuition fee may vary from university to university. If we talk about the living cost, then the average living cost while pursuing MBBS in Russia comes to around 80 to 100 USD every month (5600-7000 INR), which is low by any standards.

Globally Recognized MBBS Degree

The degrees awarded by well-recognized Russian medical universities are valid not only in Russia but also in India, the United States, Canada, and other countries worldwide. More than 30 medical universities of Russia come in the list of international university rankings. Acquiring medical qualification from medical universities of Russia opens up the door to world-class career opportunities and academic possibilities.

These are some of the reasons because of which Russia is a preferred destination among Indian students who are interested in studying MBBS abroad.


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