Busting the 6 Disadvantages of MBBS in Russia

Busting the 6 Disadvantages of MBBS in Russia

Thinking about whether to opt for MBBS in Russia or not? You must have googled to find out the shortcomings for the same. Probably with every click you have made, you must have found out some common “disadvantage” of studying MBBS in Russia that caused your concerns to unfold ten times.

There might be some truth in them as the challenges but labeling them as a disadvantage would be a little far-fetched. Rus Education works to overcome these challenges so that the students can fulfill their dream of studying medicine from the best university in the world and be a doctor.

Let's discuss these common concerns that the students have and how we help in overcoming them.

#1 MBBS in Russia is of longer duration than MBBS in India

MBBS in Russia is approximately 5 years and 8 months. MBBS in India is for about 5 years and 5 months. The difference between the courses of both the countries is only for about 3 months. It should be carefully noted that the entire course of duration for MBBS in Russia includes internship/observership as well. 

As the difference is just 3 months, many students who have qualified  NEET thousands of students to choose MBBS in Russia rather than waiting for another year for the NEET.

#2 The language of instruction is Russian

Unlike the popular belief, the medium of instruction in medical universities of Russia in English, however, for the clinical rotation and observation, the students are required to interact with the locals. Russian being a local language is thus taught from the first year onwards, so that the students can effortlessly complete their clinical part of their studies. Just like in India, if you study MBBS in any state you are required to learn the language of the locals.

#3 Good food and accommodations are difficult to find

Finding good Indian food and on a regular basis that too in a foreign land can be difficult. Rus Education ensures that our students in Russian medical universities are provided with a good quality of Indian food on a regular basis. Apart from that we also provide separate accommodation to Indian students. 

#4 Russia is not a safe country for studying

This statement is absolutely wrong. Russia is one of the safest countries in the world. Apart from that, the medical universities have proper safety checks including the cameras, positioned guards etc inside the campus premises. The easy and safe environment of the country attracts many tourists to roam freely in the country. However, the students are always advised to be wise enough before making a choice.

#5 Travelling ‘to and from’ Russia is a tedious process for students

With the proper guidance for the visa paperwork and travel plans, traveling to Russia and traveling from Russia can be extremely easy. The healthy and diplomatic relations between Russia and India lead to a heckle-free travel procedure.

#6 Russian Medical Graduate does not qualify for the screening test

Medical Universities of Russia provide special coaching for the medical screening test. The medical graduates from the foreign land have to qualify for the foreign medical graduate examination (FMGE) administered by NMC (MCI). The coaching for the same is provided from the first year of MBBS in Russia. As a result, the students perform exceptionally well in the screening test. 


Studying MBBS in Russia is going to be the best choice of MBBS Abroad among Indian students. However, it could be a difficult decision to choose from the best among the best. With the vision of empowering the young dreams and aspirations, Rus Education has been working for almost three decades. We aim to serve you transparent information along with need-based counseling. Our open-door policy makes us your education partner for not just admission but till your convocation.

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