How is MBBS in Russia taught?

MBBS in Russia: A constructive Approach of Learning

Every year lakhs of students travel from their hometown to Russia to complete their higher education. A major portion of those students are constituted by the medical aspirants, and in that portion, a huge percentage of the students are from South Asian and East Asian countries like India.

Hindustan Times, in 2019, reported that “the number of students applying for admission to medical courses abroad is high, and is rising steeply”. This is a clear indication of the choice and preferences of not just the students but their families as well. 

There are multiple reasons why MBBS abroad in countries like Russia is getting so popular. It is a well-known fact that MBBS in European countries is not as expensive as the MBBS Indian private universities. But the question is, “Is this the only reason why thousands of Indians choose the best medical universities in Russia?”. If the fee structure of MBBS in Russia is the only reason that appeals, then why not just Indian students but the students all over the world would choose it.

Sure enough, affordability is a major attraction but the quality of learning and curriculum in the feasible reach has been successfully enticing the young medical aspirants for years after another.

Let's have a closer look over the learning methodology for which MBBS in Russia is getting popular:

1. An Interactive and Innovative Learning

The effective pupil-teacher and pupil-resource ratio of 7:1 show its advantages in the classroom. Due to the limited ratio, the teacher gets to pay attention to the individual needs of the learner. This results in breaking the ice and building up rapport between the students and teachers. 
One of the major advantages of this form of learning lies in the formulation of two-way communication in the classroom where the students are not just the passive receiver of the learning but an active participant.

2. The Experiential and Experimental Learning

The major medical universities of Russia use this methodology of learning in combination with the advanced technology resource as a learning aid for it.  This not only makes the learning experience memorable for the students but it also makes them stimulated to the real-world examples as well.

3. Frequent Assessments ‘of’ and ‘for’ Learning

The best medical universities of Russia focuses more on the frequent formative assessments as compared to the summative assessments. After the completion of each level of learning a formative assessment is conducted ‘for’ the learning. This type of assessment has the objective of finding out the gap in the learnings and taking the steps to bridge them. This is done in various instances before the summative assessment of the learning, so the focus remains on the conceptual understanding and quality of learning.


From an Indian perspective, the learning methodologies of Russia are something which one might have known only from the books but not in the practice. It is because of this, that students from not only India but all over the world choose to study at the Russian University. Adding glitter to this advantage is the subsidized fee provided by the Russian Government. This makes the course of study in Russia extremely affordable. 

All in all, it won’t be wrong to say that MBBS in Russia is, for sure, a delightful as well as a pocket-friendly experience for all the students of medical aspiration.

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