Make the best out of lockdown – prepare well for NEET 2020

Make the best out of lockdown prepare well for NEET 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the dates of NEET 2020, which allows the aspirants some extra time for preparation and revision. Aspirants who are serious about pursuing their career as medical professionals must use the extra time of lockdown to focus on the preparation of NEET 2020, with more than 100 percent surety. The most important part here is to have proper knowledge about the syllabus and pattern. If any aspirant is still vague about the pattern and syllabus, the entire syllabus and pattern are available on the official website. Though the NEET syllabus consists of the NCERT curriculum of 11th and 12th standards, of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The NEET question paper consists of 180 questions from these three subjects. Apart from pattern and syllabus, students should focus on time management and strategize well in order to revise well. For starters, a good schedule with at least 8 to 10 hours of study, and adequate time for revision would be ideal. The key concepts from all the subjects should be revised again and again. Along with a good schedule, it is important to have hold of all the NCERT books as well as supplementary readers. The NCERT books are also available online, and there is plenty of material in video tutorials as well. In the digital age, students can be more technologically sound to save some time of preparation by looking at key concepts and queries on YouTube and other study-related apps. The students should also be in constant touch with their teachers, in case of clarity regarding any problem they are having. 

Apart from studies, it is important to have a sound mental and physical health. It is a well-known fact that due to the lockdown, the mind and the body of students are taking undue stress. In this case, parents are advised to support their wards mentally with constant encouragement and proper care of the nutrition of the child. The students are advised to indulge in-home workout and yoga, in order to release physical and mental stress. Meditation is very much advised by experts and psychiatrists to maintain calmness of mind and to improve focus. Students with fixed schedules can also entertain themselves by watching movies or playing indoor games for relaxation.

Rus education has prepared a mock test series for the aspirants. The mock test series consists of different question papers, with weightage given to different subjects with different sets, to cover the syllabus and give a wide range of options in terms of questions. The most important aspect of this mock test series is to work on the time management of the students so that they can have an idea about the time limit, and also to judge the caliber of problem-solving for the students. The answer sets for those questions have been prepared to guide the students through the intricacies of the questions, in order to clear out any sort of confusion regarding the questions.

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