3 Reasons Why Go For A Drop Year For NEET

3 Reasons Why Go For A Drop Year For NEET

Are you in a situation where you are thinking of taking a drop year for preparation of NEET?

Dropping a year for your dream career may seem compelling. But do you really need to?

In this article, we’ll tell you why taking a drop year isn’t a great option.

1. Inconsistent Approach

Motivating yourself everyday and going through the same schedule daily is not easy. Maintaining the same discipline for the whole year and sticking to the plan is very tough. With so many distractions around, staying consistent becomes a major problem.

2. The Exam Dynamics

The change in pattern every year and the changing level of difficulty makes it even more challenging for students to cope up. 

Also studying the same syllabus over and over again isn’t easy.

3. The Social Pressure

When you decide to take a drop year, your parents and friends start expecting more from you. They expect you to perform exceptionally well in the exam. This builds up additional pressure.

It is hard to ignore them and it then starts affecting your mental peace.

What To Do!



With a fairly simple and flexible admission process, foreign medical universities provide high quality education. The top medical universities abroad are a opportunity to a global medical career. 

They are the road to your dream medical career!

Why consider this option?

  • Hassle-free direct admission process
  • Students can apply for NEET in their second academic year
  • Easy education loans
  • Pocket-friendly tuition fee

Final Thoughts

Instead of wasting a year, go for the opportunity you have at hand!

At rus education we guide you to choose the best for  your medical career. 

We hope that our insight helped you decide.

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