Top 5 Medical University in Russia

Top 5 Medical Universities to Study MBBS in Russia

Happy 2020 - a new decade has started, and we wish you all the success in your career endeavors!

We understand that you all are gearing up for NEET 2020 and again, we wish you all the best for taking the most important exam of your life! We recognize the importance of qualifying the as exam it is the only gateway that will lead your career to newer heights.

While we understand how hard you must be preparing for the examination, we must insist that you consider the facts before taking any further decision. There are very limited numbers of medical seats in India. If we look upon last year's data, it was recorded that for NEET 2019, around 15 lakhs students appeared for the exam, out of which around seven lakhs students qualified the examination. Out of 7 lakh qualified students, only 65,000 students were eligible to secure a seat in the Indian government or private medical colleges. This number clearly shows that only 7-8% of students were lucky enough to secure admission in medical colleges of India. But the next important question is about the remaining students who were not able to secure a seat in India. They were left with just three options:

  • Gear up and prepare for next year NEET;
  • Change the stream and drop the plan of becoming a doctor; or
  • Study MBBS abroad.

We never want you to waste your precious academic year; therefore, we always suggest you go for the 3rd option, i.e. MBBS Abroad! With so many options available and so many countries to choose from, we understand how difficult and tricky it is for you to select one best country to pursue your dream career.

When it's about selecting the best country to study MBBS abroad, then nothing fits better than Russia. Yes! You heard it right! MBBS in Russia is one of the best and finest options you can opt for your successful and bright medical career.

In the last two decades, it has been observed that Russia is home to many international medical students. It has been noted in statistics that a voluminous amount of international students come to pursue MBBS in Russia. At present, the country holds 30th position out of 100 top ranking medical universities in the Directory of World Medical Schools of WHO. So, let's have a look at the Top 5 Medical Universities to study MBBS in Russia.


Perm State Medical University

With 100+ years of establishment, Perm State Medical University is one of the most reputed and biggest government medical universities in the Russian Federation. Perm State Medical University is known to provide affordable medical education to all local and international students in a completely English medium. Founded in 1916, the University is situated in Perm City of Russia. In the year 2016, the university completed its 1st century of existence. Not only quality education but the University also aims to provide practical exposure to all enrolled students starting from the first year of their MBBS program. For the practical training of students, the University has 9 State-of-the-Art affiliated hospitals and two well-furnished polyclinics.
The University has collaborations with two biggest and prominent organizations of the world i.e. World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Every year more than 500 international students from 21 countries across the globe (Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Sudan, Algeria, Israel, and other countries) get themselves enrolled in Perm State Medical University to get higher education in the field of medicine.

Currently, the University has around 600 qualified and reputed professors along with the candidates of medical sciences, scientists, doctors, and state scientific scholars. The University has been awarded numerous patents for utility models and some inventions among medical universities of the Perm region.

At present, there are over 20,000 local and international students pursuing their medical education from Perm State Medical University.


Siberian State Medical University

Established in 1878, Siberian State Medical University is in the list of top 3 medical universities and the list of top 30 higher educational institutions in the Russian Federation. The University is settled in the Tomsk city of Russia. Siberian State Medical University is recognized for training and conducting high-end medical research on campus.

Siberian State Medical University holds a prominent name in the field of medicine. Students across the globe choose SSMU to pursue their higher medical education. In the year 2015, SSMU became the first Medical University in Russia to be certified by the Skolkovo Technology Park.

Siberian State Medical University caters to quality medical education to both national & international students. Every year around 4,000 students from different countries of the world including Germany, Haiti, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Magnolia, and CIS region seek admission in Siberian State Medical University.

Currently, the University has 650 well-experienced and notable Doctors and Candidates of science along with eight members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. More than 50 faculties of the University have honorary degrees as "Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation," "Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation," "Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation" etc.

Not only for its prestigious position, but the University is also known for its Scientific Medical Library. In the year 2015, the Scientific Medical Library of Siberian State Medical University was selected by the Academy of Evidence-Based Medicine and was announced as the best library in Russia.

To date, more than 60,000 doctors and pharmacists, and over 40,000 specialists have graduated and certified respectively from the University.


 Mari State University

Founded in 1972 by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Mari State University is one of the leading government medical universities known to offer high-quality medical education to all international students at a very pocket-friendly cost. On average, the total cost of pursuing MBBS in Russia from Mari State University is around 15 to 17 lakhs!

Peacefully situated in the city of Yoshkar Ola, Mari State University has always been an active member of the Russian Association of Classical Universities as well as a member of the Volga Region's Association of Classical Universities. The University is recognized and accredited with various prominent medical councils present across the globe such as Medical Council of India (MCI), European Medical Council (EMC), UNESCO, and other renowned medical council bodies. Not only this, but Mari State University is also enlisted with the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS).

Looking upon the achievements of the University, the University started welcoming international students across different countries in the year 1972, and since then, a huge majority of students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, and other countries are coming to Mari State University to study MBBS in Russia. In the year 2009, the University was awarded the gold medal in European Quality.
Always known for its scientific research, vibrant student life, sports activities, and prominent faculties, Mari State University aims to offer a comfortable and secure environment for all enrolled students.


Orenburg State Medical University

Ranked as the 3rd best medical university in Russia by the Forbes Magazine, Orenburg State Medical University is one of the oldest and most regarded globally recognized medical universities in Russia. Founded in 1944, by the decision of the State Committee of Russia, in the city of Orenburg, the University is known to provide the best medical education to all enrolled students at affordable rates.

At present, the University has around 47 departments, and 300 renowned professors, associate professors, and doctors working as well as teaching.

The medical degree awarded by the University after the successful completion of 6 years MBBS program to all its graduates is recognized by major organizations such as MCI, MCC and other medical council bodies.

The University offers a State-of-the-Art infrastructure along with contemporary equipment to all enrolled medical students for a better educational exposure. The learning process at Orenburg State Medical University is not only limited to classrooms, but students are offered comprehensive possibilities to learn through various experiments and practical sessions. The complete MBBS curriculum of the University is based upon recognized international standards.


Tver State Medical University

Tver State Medical University is one of the finest medical universities in Russia with the highest MCI passing rate.

Founded in 1936, Tver State Medical University is one of the leading and oldest educational institutions in the country. Due to its high MCI passing rate, Tver State Medical University is highly favorable amongst Indian students who are planning to study MBBS in Russia. The University is widely known for its renowned and prominent teaching staff and extensive laboratory and clinical base. This University has almost 6,000 beds in 10 different affiliated hospitals which include exclusive hospitals for sexually transmitted diseases, skin ailments, infections, tuberculosis and oncology.

The University is known to offer a strong academic base with competent and specialized faculty members along with comprehensive research-focused education and extensive hands-on clinical training.

As per World Health Organization ratings, Tver State Medical University ranks at 23rd position in the world and 3rd position in Russia in the list of Best Medical Universities for international students.

These are the top 5 medical universities which you can choose to pursue your academic career if you are planning to study MBBS in Russia. However, if in case you need more information, then you can get connected to our student helpline number - 1800-833-3338 or you can visit us on -

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