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Rus Education is known as one of India's best overseas education providers for MBBS abroad. Rus education was initiated to help medical aspirants of India get medical education abroad and become successful doctors to improve the healthcare condition of the country.

India needs more doctors to take care of the healthcare needs of fellow Indian citizens. With a lack of government medical seats and high medical education fees in India, hundreds of medical aspirants dropped out from their dream of becoming a doctor.

On seeing this condition, Rus Education was brought to life with a simple goal to provide assistance to the medical aspirants in India.

Over the years, Rus Education has gone from school to school, college to college to spread awareness about the opportunity available for the medical aspirants to study abroad after their schooling.

As a result, many medical counseling seminars have been conducted throughout the country over the last several years.

Our team of career counseling experts travels to cities across the country to conduct MBBS career counseling seminars.

Many students from different schools/colleges in Visakhapatnam, Delhi, Noida, Kanpur, Bangalore, and other parts of the country took part in the seminars. The sessions are to educate the students about the MBBS program in Russia. Hence, these seminars bring hope to the medical aspirants to pursue their medical career from abroad after their schooling as the medical seats in India are very less.

To conclude, Rus Education plays an important role in many of the medical aspirants' lives. It is through Rus education that many aspirants could accomplish their dreams and become excellent doctors to serve the nation.

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