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Students departure from India for MBBS in Russia | Rus Education

Rus Education has been a pioneer in helping the medical aspirants of India get into the medical universities in Russia. Thus, empowering the students to become excellent doctors to take care of the healthcare needs of the country and to improve the healthcare condition of India.

Rus Education guides the medical aspirants, counsel, and help them decide the best and suitable universities for their higher education. Rus Education ensures transparency, integrity, commitment towards work to ensure that the medical aspirants are properly guided without any hustle.

Over 27 years now, Rus Education has more than 50 affiliated universities where many students are sent to begin their medical journey. Rus Education makes a real difference in the world of medical education and the lives of those medical aspirants. 

Through Rus Education, many students have gone abroad to pursue MBBS in Russia. Some of them have already graduated and have become successful doctors, while others are still pursuing the same.

Through Rus Education, few of the universities in Russia where many Indian students are pursuing MBBS are:

Mari State Medical University
Orenburg State Medical University
Perm State Medical University
Kazan State Medical University
Kuban State Medical University
Siberian State Medical University
I M Sechenov First Moscow

After the admission process, each student's departure is also taken care of by the team of Rus Education. 

Leaving a home might be a sad moment for some but to achieve that dream of becoming a successful doctor, one must keep the sadness away.

With high hopes and dreams, students depart India to begin their journey of pursuing MBBS in Russia. To make their dream of becoming a doctor come true.

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