WeForThem: A Campaign to Help Those in Need During This Winter Season

"True Charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense." - Emanuel Swedenborg

On the evening of a cold winter night, many people look for something comforting during this moment. However, some are able to merely find a suitable place for themselves to sleep on the cold streets of Delhi.

We cannot imagine how someone without a home can fight this winter chill. It's just so overwhelming to see hundreds of homeless people trying to comfort themselves on the footpaths of Delhi. The biting cold of Delhi, can make even the strongest in their warm rooms shiver and fall sick.

The team of Rus Education thus initiated a program called #WeForThem, a campaign to help those in need and to bring some warmth by donating and distributing clothes to many homeless people.

Through this campaign, the team got a chance to know and feel how these homeless people manage to sleep during the cold winter days.

During the campaign, the team managed to collect hundreds of clothes like jackets, sweaters, bed-sheets, blankets, scarves, etc.

On the night of December 7, 2019, the team moved out to distribute the clothes to the needy. The event started at around 8 pm where the team moved from one footpath to another starting from Sarai Kale Khan, to Ashram, Moolchand, AIIMS, and then to Green Park and Saket.

There are many homeless people in every street of Delhi. Many of them are families with grandfathers and grandmothers, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, and even small kids trying to adjust themselves in the cold weather with the thin and small layer of clothes which they have.

Being able to provide them the little things for their comfort throughout this winter is what the team as a whole thrived for.

This initiative, brings comfort, warmth, good sleep, and most importantly, happiness in one's heart. To a team, it is an accomplishment and a moment to always cherish forever.

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