Doctors complete heart surgery as the Russian hospital burns

Doctors complete heart surgery as the Russian hospital burns

The tale of devotion and bravery of Russian doctors has managed to raise eyebrows and inspired many across the globe. 


As the saying goes, “Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.” Human civilizations, since centuries, have signified the importance of medicine as an ultimate savior of humanity.


The said quote was stated by none other than the father of Medicine Hippocrates himself and has come alive even in 2021. On Friday, 2nd April 2021, in the far eastern Russian town of  Blagoveshchensk, one of the tsarist hospitals caught was trapped in flames due to reasons yet to be identified. The fire was said to start from the roof and then gradually spread to the entire hospital building. 


As the fire was spreading, a team of eight doctors and nurses remained inside the operation theatre for then going open-heart surgery. The team kept on working on the surgery even when the building was burning down to ashes. With the help and support from the fire-fighters, the surgery was completed within a remarkable 2 hours.  


Reminiscing the events, one of the surgeons of the team and stated, “There’s nothing else we could do. We had to save the person. We did everything at the highest level.” 


As the firefighters extinguish the fire on time, no casualties occurred in the accident. It took about 2 hours for the firefighters to completely vanquish the fire. In cooperation with the team of the surgeons the fire-fighters arranged fans to keep out the smoke from the operation room and arranged the power cable to keep the equipment powered with the electricity.


The fire-fighters and the operating team worked together to tackle the situation efficiently.

This is one of the many reported instances, where the doctors have fought off difficulties. However, there are tonnes of unreported, everyday struggles, doctors overcome with a sole objective to fulfill their entrusted responsibility. 


Sure enough, there are many reasons why being a doctor is often referred to as the noblest of noble professions.

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