Russian Language

Russian is the official language of Russia. Russian is also one of the global languages spoken by about 265 million people worldwide. Although Russian is the primary medium of instruction in Russia, some programs are taught in the English language as well.

Facts About Russian Language

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Facts About Russian Language


Russian is the largest first language in the continent of Europe. 


Russian is the 8th most spoken language in the world.


Besides Russia, Russian is the official language of 10 other countries.


About 265 people in the world speak Russian. 


Russian is the 8th most used language on the internet.


Russian is one of the only six official languages of the United Nations.

Learning Russian

Depending on the program and the University, you may or may not be required to learn Russian. However, we strictly recommend that if you are going to study in Russia, you must learn Russian.

If you understand and speak Russian, you will be able to better communicate with the local people in Russia. Besides, it will also help you in developing accord with your fellow students from the country as well as the faculty members since the first language of the majority of the members will be Russian. Being proficient in Russia will also help you learn better in Russia.

To help students master the Russian language, preparatory courses are organized in Russian Universities. The first few classes of the program are organized in the English language. Later, the medium is switched to Russian.

To learn Russian in your home country, you can also attend the Russian language course organized at one of the Russian Centers of Science & Culture (RCSC). Every year, Russian language courses organized at RCSC in different countries help about 20,000 people learn Russian.

Usually, within a year, students are able to develop well-working command over the new language.