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Harshita Verma

Student of Orenburg State Medical University

Rus Education has provided me with many other options for the Universities, not just one. The brochures were very well built and provided me with all the facilities which I will be getting from my university.


Student of Perm State Medical University

I found Rus Education through Google search. There, all my queries are sorted out. I also came to know that Low fees but just one extra year, in 6 years you can completely become a Doctor. But the only problem is MCI. For this concern also, Rus Education solved the problem. Rus Education provides MCI training every year.

Kumari Manu Yadav

Student of Kuban State Medical University

Rus Education is very supportive. In the beginning, I didn’t have any plans. Then they told me that you have cleared NMC, and you will have to give all the tests. They told that the fees are not high as compared to the private colleges here. The education there is quite good. Different language and meeting different people is very good. It is very good for MBBS there.

Paras Choudhary

Student of Mari State Medical University

(The) Counselor replied me in a very short duration and told me about the advantages of going abroad for MBBS and I feel so comfortable to go and they make my parents believe that I can go for abroad and study for my further degrees or MBBS in Abroad

Neha Santoshi

Student of Kursk State Medical University

I heard Rus Education from one of my Relatives because they also send their daughter to Ukraine and they have gone to the procedure from Rus Education only by that I also got an inspiration so I choose Rus Education to make me go “Rus Education has been very helpful, their assistance is very good. They provide you time as well as information whenever and however we need”