Mari State University (MarSU) is a medical university in Russia founded in 1972 in Yoshkar-Ola City of Russia. The University is duly approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and offers a 6-Year MBBS Program. Mari State University is well-ranked amongst the top medical universities in Russian Federation and was awarded the gold medal —European Quality: 100 Best Universities of the Russian Federation, 2009 - in recognition of its efforts in the field of medical education. For medical students in India who have qualified NEET, the Mari State University offers direct admission to its program for MBBS in Russia without the need of any additional entrance examination.

  • Quick Facts
  • Mari State University has 45+ experience in providing medical education, research, and training.
  • Currently, 8.000+ students are studying MBBS in Russia at Mari State University.
  • Mari State University Campus is spread across 31 acres and is divided into 7 educational wings 
  • The University has earned the gold medal —European Quality: 100 Best Universities of the Russian Federation, 2009— in recognition of its quality medical education.
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The University

Established in 1972, Mari State University (MarSU) is located in Yoshkar-Ola City of Russia. Yoshkar-Ola City is about 765 kilometers away from the city of Moscow, and about 1,464 kilometers from the city of Saint Petersburg. With a community of more than 20,000 local and international students, Yoshkar-Ola is rightly called a city of students. 

Mari State University offers a program for MBBS in Russia for Russian as well as foreign students. Medical aspirants in India who have qualified NEET and looking for opportunities to study MBBS Abroad, Mari State University is one of the prime destinations. 

At Mari State University, the academic year starts on the first working day of September and the University invites applications for admission from students in Russia, India, and other regions. Currently, more than 8,000 students from different countries worldwide are studying medicine at Mari State University and more than 30% of the students stay in the University-managed hostel facility. 

Spread across more than 31 acres, the University Campus is structured with a great deal of care to host all the infrastructure and student facilities and provide ample space for quality education as well as a living. The Campus is divided into eight hostel buildings and seven educational wings that cover 55 different disciplines of education across 3 specialties.

On the campus, a student has access to a set of 18 libraries where they can find all the academic resources and reference material. The University emphasizes medical research across all stages of the MBBS Program and has secured more than 40 patents across various specialties.

Mari State University has an adequate staff of about 100 qualified doctors and about 400 associate professors who teach the students with their respective expertise and experiences. 

The University ensures proper involvement of its students and members in important decisions of the University through a well-maintained feedback system that takes into account the opinions of all its students and members.

To help its students find suitable career opportunities after completion of their medical education in Russia, the University has a strategic partnership with several institutions that makes the placement process easy. 

Mari State University is also a well-recognized medical university, duly approved by the Medical Council of India. After completion of MBBS at Mari State University, students can qualify for Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) and get a license to practice medicine in India. 

In its 45+ years of its glorious history, the Mari State University has given only its best to the students and is well-recognized for its efforts in quality medical education. Rightfully, Mari State University is awarded the gold medal - European Quality: 100 Best Universities of the Russian Federation, 2009 - and MarSU Rector, Dr. Vitaly Makarov, is awarded the honorary breastplate - Best Rector, 2009 - by the Independent Public Council of the competition —European Quality: Gold Medal

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University Address

Mari State University,

Ploshchad' Lenina, 1, Yoshkar-Ola, 

Mari El Republic, Russia, 424000

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MBBS Program

Mari State University offers a 6-Year MBBS Program in Russian as well as English Medium. 

The Program for MBBS in Russia is focused on building a strong academic base with a pragmatic approach to education and medical research. To provide hands-on clinical experience, the students studying MBBS in Russia are involved in clinical training from the second year of MBBS. While education in classrooms and laboratories helps the students develop academic skills and sound theoretical understanding, clinical training in University-affiliated hospitals help them apply their knowledge into practice.

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Admission & Support

To get admission to the MBBS Program of Mari State University, you can apply online at Rus Education website.

Rus Education is exclusively authorized by the Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Cultural Department of The Embassy of the Russian Federation in India) to promote Russian Education among Indian Citizens. Rus Education is also an authorized associate of Mari State University. We facilitate one-window admission to the MBBS Program of Mari State University with no requirement of any donation or capitation and without any entrance examination.

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Examination Support

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) Preparation

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Student Life

Life at Mari State University comes with the benefits of living in Yoshkar-Ola, a city which is famous for its natural attractions. In the Mari language, “Yoshkar-Ola” means “Red City” or “beautiful City” and Yoshkar-Ola’s untouched nature completely justifies its nomenclature. Given the City’s historic importance, Yoshkar-Ola is also included in the list of historical cities of Russia. 

While pursuing MBBS course in Russia at Mari State University, students can take time on the weekends and holidays to explore the cultural and historical complexes within the Yoshkar-Ola, go to Sports island and play, visit the famous Malaya Kokshaga River, and any of the theatres and enjoy a show, or just take leisure walk and appreciate the nature in the City. 

At campus, the University arranges for hostel and mess facility for all the students. So, students do need to worry about their accommodation or food. For students from India, the facility of Indian food is made available. On the entire university premises, the security of the students is duly taken care of. The entire university area is kept under 24-hour CCTV surveillance, along with security guards at check-posts. 

Living on the campus, students can participate in community programs, sports events, and cultural activities organized by the University. To make students feel at home, besides festivals of Russian culture, other festivals like Diwali, Holi, etc. are also celebrated which students can enjoy to the fullest.

To keep the students’ health in good shape, the University has sufficient arrangements to encourage physical activity, including mini-football field, two sandy courts for beach volleyball, track and field complex, gyms and exercise rooms, etc. To promote sports culture, sports classes are also organized on the campus including classes for Volleyball, Badminton, Football, Skiing, Athletics, Basketball, etc. 

Mari State University’s approach to the holistic development of its students creates a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle for students which not only helps them graduate as exceptional doctors but also as all-round players in the field of life. 

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Student Feedback

S.No. Name Country Testimonial
1 Mustafa India Student life at Mari State University is full of joy and thrills. There are a lot of safety measures taken by the country. I'm really blessed to study in such a wonderful atmosphere. I would like to thank Rus Education for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.
2 Mercy Maliekal India After completing my 12th, I gave the NEET Entrance Examination, but I could not crack NEET. At that point, Rus Education gave me a wonderful opportunity to study medicine in Russia. The city is beautiful and very affordable.
3 Mayank Shori India MarSU has given me the best hostel facilities and preferably the best environment to live. They have the best faculty and splendid system of education. Thank you, Rus Education.
4 Gayathri Ravi India Rus Education has set a good opportunity for students like me to fulfill their dreams. The University campus is very comfortable for studies. The hostel and the city are comfortable to live in. I’m grateful to Rus Education.