Founded in 1916 in the Perm city of Russia, Perm State Medical University (PSMU) is one of the oldest, and hugely regarded medical universities with proven recognition, not only on Russian but Global Map.  With other recognitions, PSMU is duly approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and offers a 6-Year MBBS Program to students from Russia and worldwide. Among 50,000+ students, thousands of students from India have achieved their dream of becoming a doctor in the 100+ years of PSMU’s glorious history. Thanks to its subsidized fees structure and English medium of instruction, Perm State Medical University offers international medical aspirants an opportunity to pursue MBBS in Russia at an affordable cost. The University follows a pragmatic approach to medical education and has all arrangements to provide hands-on clinical training to its students. PSMU offers a medical qualification of global repute and is constantly ranked in the list of top medical universities in Russia.

Quick Facts
  • Established in 1916, Perm State Medical University is 100+ years old. 
  • Every year, 500+ international students from 20+ countries come to Perm State Medical University to study medicine in Russia.
  • Currently, 20,000+ students are studying at the University Campus in the city of Perm.
  • In 2007, the University staff has been honored with “The Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation.”
  • Perm State Medical University has been awarded the "Moscow Mayor's Prize."
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The University

With 100+ years of establishment, Perm State Medical University (PSMU) is one of the most reputed and prominent Government Medical Universities in the Russian Federation. The University was titled after academician EA Wagner. Perm State Medical University is known to provide affordable medical education to Russian medical aspirants as well as students from other countries. For international students, Perm State Medical University offers MBBS in Russia in the English language. 

 Founded in 1916, the University is situated in the Perm City of Russia. In the year 2016, the University has completed a century of its existence and also started offering MBBS in Russia in the English language as well. 

Since 1992, Perm State Medical University has been listed in the State Register of Participants of Foreign Economic relations under which international students are offered various pre-training, pre-diploma, and postgraduate programs. The University is also an active member of the Association of Medical Schools in Europe. 

In 2007, PSMU staff was honored with “The Gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation,” and thanks to the University’s dedication to quality education and its devotion towards students, PSMU is ranked amongst the top Medical Universities in Russia.
Besides quality education, the University also provides practical exposure to all the enrolled students starting from the first year of their MBBS program. For the practical training of students, the University has nine state-of-the-art affiliated hospitals and two well-furnished polyclinics. 
The degree awarded by Perm State Medical University to the medical students, after the successful completion of their program for MBBS in Russia, is recognized globally. After graduation from PSMU, students can practice medicine in any country of the world subject to qualifying the medical licensing examination of the respective country. Further, all the international students —who are aiming for qualifying MCI screening test (also known as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination or FMGE) or the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)— get special preparatory classes starting from the first year of the medical program. 
The University campus is equipped with state-of-the-art medical laboratories, libraries, and classrooms providing students with access to library treasured with lacs of books, classrooms equipped with modern teaching equipment, and labs equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities.

Along with its world-class MBBS Program, PSMU provides ample opportunities for the professional development of the students. While studying medicine in Russia at Perm State Medical University, students are encouraged to participate in international conferences, seminars, volunteer movements, and research programs that ensure the holistic personality development of the students.

Every year more than 500 international students from 20+ countries across the globe, including Zimbabwe, India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Germany, Ukraine, Moldova, Sudan, Algeria, Israel, and other countries, get themselves enrolled in Perm State Medical University to study medicine in Russia. At present, there are over 20,000 local and international students pursuing their medical education in Russia from Perm State Medical University.

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University Address

Perm State Medical University
Ulitsa Kuybysheva, 39, Perm,
Perm Krai, Russia, 614000

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MBBS Program

Perm State Medical University offers a 6-Year MBBS Program in Russian as well as English Medium. 

The Program for MBBS in Russia is focused on building a strong academic base with a pragmatic approach to education and medical research. To provide hands-on clinical experience, the students studying MBBS in Russia are involved in clinical training from the second year of MBBS. While education in classrooms and laboratories helps the students develop academic skills and sound theoretical understanding, clinical training in University-affiliated hospitals help them apply their knowledge into practice.

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Admission & Support

To get admission to the MBBS Program of Perm State Medical University, you can apply online at Rus Education website.

Rus Education is exclusively authorized by the Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Cultural Department of The Embassy of the Russian Federation in India) to promote Russian Education among Indian Citizens. Rus Education is also an authorized associate of Perm State Medical University. We facilitate one-window admission to the MBBS Program of Perm State Medical University with no requirement of any donation or capitation and without any entrance examination.

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Examination Support

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) Preparation

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Preparation

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Student Life

Situated in 50 hectares of green land, the campus of Perm State Medical University provides an exciting and cheerful atmosphere for all enrolled students to foster new friendships. The University campus of Perm State Medical University has been awarded the "Moscow Mayor's Prize" and is acclaimed as the Best Campus. 

The University has won the title of "Best Student Hostel" in All-Russia Contest. The campus has 12 hostels offering safe and comfortable accommodation to all enrolled Indian students. The rooms are provided on a sharing basis, and there are separate hostel facilities for boys and girls.

Every room of the hostel is equipped with all the necessary amenities required for daily student life, such as a central cooling and heating system, free Wi-Fi access, laundry facility, kitchen on every floor giving the option of self-cooking, and other such amenities which are essential for a comfortable stay. 

For Indian students, the University has an Indian mess facility that provides healthy and nutritious Indian food at a pocket-friendly cost. 

The University aims at the comprehensive development of every student; therefore, it encourages students to take part in various cultural, social, and sports activities. Perm State Medical University has maintained healthy relations with other universities and thus allows students to take part in various inter-university student exchange programs, scientific seminars, projects, and conferences. Their results are published in Russian as well as foreign journals. All the students are trained regularly at various hospitals affiliated with other universities during their summer holidays.

To remove the cultural barriers among the students, the Student Department at Perm State Medical University fosters a common community for domestic as well as international students so that they get familiar with the culture, tradition, and values of all the other students.

To ensure that students stay physically fit and active, the University organizes various sports tournaments such as Basketball tournaments, Cricket tournaments, a tennis match, and swimming competitions. Students are encouraged to actively participate in various cultural programs such as singing, dancing, and theatre.   

Apart from these facilities, the University offers healthcare and on-campus recreational facilities, including gym and training halls, billiard, darts, therapeutic physical training halls, rehearsal halls, musical instruments, and stage suits.

The University has a vast library that can comfortably accommodate 500 students. The library remains open seven days a week. Students will be able to find an extensive and useful collection of journals, research papers, and course material, which will be helpful to them in their medical course. 

Perm State Medical University highly emphasizes on training specialists of high qualification with the fundamental theoretical knowledge and specialization in practical skills. At Perm State Medical University, students are enabled to make the best of education as well as life.

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Student Feedback

S.No. Name Country Testimonial
1 Sindhu Sao Chattisgarh, India The Faculty at Perm State Medical University not only promotes excellence, but it also provides many valuable learning opportunities for students, such as engagement in scientific research, and presentation of research work at International conferences. My time here so far has exceeded all expectations!
2 Shaista Parcel Delhi, India Perm State Medical University is a very good University. The Dean of the University and all the teachers are very friendly, cooperative, polite, and helpful. They organize get-together time to time for us to be friendlier. They celebrate Indian festivals too with us. The atmosphere and facilities are simply awesome here at Perm State Medical University.
3 Aadil Gul Sri Nagar, India Becoming a Doctor was my dream, and getting admission in India became a nightmare for me because of the tough competition here. Then through known, I got to know about the Indian Admission office of Perm State Medical University, whose counselors not only guided me to choose the best University suiting my budget but also are helping me in my day to day stay here at Perm. I am thankful to Perm State Medical University.
4 Arlina Borborah Assam, India The experience of being a student at Perm State Medical University has been amazing for me. While getting enrolled here, my parents were very much concerned about sending me to a country which we never heard of, but yes, now I can say that the decision taken by them was 100% right. Me and my family appreciate the care and concern of the Representatives at Perm State Medical University who actually made me stay comfortable here in Russia.