Tver State Medical University (TSMU) is one of the leading medical universities in Russia offering program for MBBS in Russia to students from all around the world.  Established in 1936, the University is more than 80 years old, and for students who are looking for medical education abroad and medical education in Russia, Tver State Medical University has become one of the finest options. More than 5000 students have already achieved their dreams of becoming a doctor with MBBS in Russia at TSMU, and now the Tver State Medical University Alumni can be seen worldwide. Tver State Medical University continuously rank in the list of Top Medical Universities in Russia and has affiliations with various medical hospitals to provide the best possible clinical experiences alongside MBBS from Russia.  As per WHO International rating, Tver State Medical University takes 23rd place in the world and 3rd for MBBS in Russia and medical studies for international students.

Quick Facts
  • Established in 1936, Tver State Medical University is 80+ years old.
  • As per WHO International rating, Tver State Medical University takes 23rd place in the world and 3rd for MBBS in Russia and medical studies for international students.
  • Students from more than 50+ countries study at Tver State Medical University.
  • 30% of the students of Tver State Medical University are from foreign countries.
  • Tver State Medical Academy is officially recognized by the UN agencies for health care and education.
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The University

Tver State Medical University is one of the oldest English medium medical universities in Russia. Set up over 80 years ago, the University has been a consistent force in the fields of medical sciences and the training of medical professionals. The largest medical and scientific research and training center today, TSMU has built its name for its extensive clinical and laboratory base and brilliant teaching staff for MBBS in Russia.

As one of the top medical colleges in Russia, the University owns around 6,000 beds across ten different medical institutions. Some of the hospitals include specialized centers for major medical fields like communicable, skin and sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and oncology. Approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), Medical Council of Canada (MCC), and certified by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and several other medical accreditation authorities, TSMU is a well-recognized university known for its quality medical education at an affordable cost.

In terms of imparting education, Tver State Medical University has various profound contacts in the fields of basic medical education, postgraduate training, scientific research, diagnostics, treatment, and disease prevention with many medical organizations of Russia and other countries. The key areas of global collaboration are pediatrics, radiology, gastroenterology, cardiology, public health, genetics, surgery, and ophthalmology. Tver State Medical University often arranges international university conventions inviting noted professionals from across the world. Scientists and professors from nations like the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada, India, Israel, amongst others, are invited to enlighten the students.

Since 1962, the University has been a name to reckon with for the successful training of medical specialists from foreign countries. At present, there are students from more than 50 nations studying at Tver State Medical University, including students from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. Further, TSMU offers direct admission for MBBS in Russia that makes the MBBS admission process much easier.

To accommodate more than 1800 students studying at the University, TSMU has four specialized hostels, including two flat accommodations with the attached bathroom, toilet, and kitchen. The hostels are centrally heated (air-conditioned) and fully furnished. The most common scenario of bedding is two to three students in one room. The hostels also offer residing students with additional lifestyle facilities, including Wi-Fi and broadband. Moreover, the food available at the hostel includes the Indian menu to help students get home-like food.

The security of the students residing in the hostels is of premier importance for the management. For safety, adequate arrangements are made for security guards along with CCTV surveillance. The hostel management ensures the maintenance of the appropriate hygiene standards to provide the students with a clean, secure, and friendly environment.

TSMU is one of the best medical colleges in Russia for Indian students, and presently many students from India are studying MBBS in Russia at Tver State Medical University.

Every year, cultural programs are organized at the Tver State Medical University for students to be able to enjoy their native cultures while being miles away from home. The functions involve students from different countries, making it a global affair. Additionally, the Indian student association observes Indian celebrations like Baisakhi, Holi, Navratri, Diwali, etc. Due to the proper set-up of facilities that suit the need of Indian students, TSMU is regarded as one of the best universities for MBBS in Russia for medical aspirants from India. TSMU also arranges play-offs like International Tournaments, Football, Badminton, Cricket, and Basketball, along with internal matches of Table Tennis and others to encourage the students to participate and to help them develop a holistic personality.


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University Address

Tver State Medical University
Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 4, Tver,
Tver Oblast, Russia, 170100

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MBBS Program

Tver State Medical University offers a 6-Year MBBS Program in Russian as well as English Medium.

The Program for MBBS in Russia is focused on building a strong academic base with a pragmatic approach to education and medical research. To provide hands-on clinical experience, the students studying MBBS in Russia are involved in clinical training from the second year of MBBS. While education in classrooms and laboratories helps the students develop academic skills and sound theoretical understanding, clinical training in University-affiliated hospitals help them apply their knowledge into practice.
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Admission & Support

To get admission to the MBBS Program of Tver State Medical University, you can apply online at Rus Education website.

Rus Education is exclusively authorized by the Russian Centre for Science and Culture (Cultural Department of The Embassy of the Russian Federation in India) to promote Russian Education among Indian Citizens. Rus Education is also an authorized associate of Tver State Medical University. We facilitate one-window admission to the MBBS Program of Tver State Medical University with no requirement of any donation or capitation and without any entrance examination.

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Examination Support

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) Preparation

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Preparation

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Student Life

Life at Tver State Medical University for students is an attraction for most medical aspirants across the globe, looking at possibilities of MBBS abroad. Rightfully claiming its spot in the list of top medical universities in Russia, TSMU offers the perfect combination of education and cultural indulgence for students enrolled at the university.

While the classes and research activities are planned to provide quality education to the medical students at the university, the extra-curricular and sports activities are organized for students to ensure that they get enough incentives to manage their studies with a fresh mind.

Every year, the university also organizes several cultural festivals for international students to help them celebrate their native cultures and maintain a connection with the diverse cultures of other nations.

For Indian students, for example, the university organizes celebrations of all Indian festivals like Holi, Diwali, Baisakhi, and others. Moreover, the university also has several centers allowing students to take up various opportunities to engage in co-curricular activities. Some of the centers include the Cultural Centre of TSMU for General Purpose, Cultural Centre of Indians by the Association of Indian students, Cultural Centre for Sri Lankans, and others. The university also promotes sports activities for the students to encourage a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and indulgence in sports. Some of the sports tournaments organized include basketball, cricket, badminton, and football.

In terms of cost of living as well as the cost of education, Tver State Medical University is a favorable destination to pursue MBBS abroad due to its affordable fee structure and cost-effective accommodation and mess facilities. The University-managed hostel, along with the facility for Indian food, is an added advantage for Indian students going to study medicine in Russia at TSMU as it saves them the time, efforts, and expenses involved in looking after rented apartment and arrangement of food.

TSMU offers a complete set of facilities required for living a good life, getting quality medical education with hands-on experience, and becoming a world-class doctor.

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Student Feedback

S.No. Name Country Testimonial
1 Girdhar India The faculty and doctors at the hospital for training are really good. Classes and practice are ensured in a way to help students to the maximum.
2 Dr. Harshita Khatri India The University offers students the ability to interact with patients during clinical rotations. It is unlike other countries where student interaction with patients is not allowed or encouraged. The University also teaches the local language to help students during their day to day life and clinical rotations.
3 Himanshu Das West Bengal, India I have had the opportunity to represent the University internationally in sports in tournaments in Finland. Culturally also, students are motivated to showcase their talents in the annual cultural events. The Dean is very helpful and motivates the students, promoting their talents on an international level.
4 Jyoti Delhi, India Girls are safer here, as compared to India. The wardens in the hostels are caring, just like our own mothers. Students can only enter the premises with their personal cards, and no stranger can enter without the same.