Top 8 Unconventional Careers You Can Choose After MBBS.

Top 8 Unconventional Careers You Can Choose After MBBS.

Gone are the days when there were just some limited traditional fields to choose from. In the present time, it won't be wrong to state that, each and every field has been revolutionized with the introduction of multidisciplinary approaches to information and technology. This has caused the emergence of new skill demands in the market.

The discipline of Healthcare is not an exception to this ongoing trend. Every day, new opportunities are finding themselves out on the ground in search of experts. Another trend of MBBS in Abroad has also caused the young and aspiring medical to look for medical studies abroad, as a result, more students are getting global exposure and discovering more opportunities.

Here are the top 8 non-conventional career opportunities for the students and doctors who are interested to discover more about the alternate roles they can play:

1. Health Informatics and Analytics

The multidisciplinary field of information engineering and applied health care has been coming out to be a preferred field for young enthusiasts. This field features in working with the management and use of patient healthcare information along with advanced tools such as Tally and AI.

2. Hospital Administration

Hospital administration is a rapidly increasing field that demands experts as health services managers and more. Though the field is probably not older than a few decades, it has a huge demand for well-qualified professionals from the healthcare field. The sector demands experts who are always in check with not just the requirements management, hospitality but also of the society.

3. Medical-Legal Advisors

It is quite a demanding field of experts as it deals with the legal angle of the medical cases. This blend of law and medicine has a huge undiscovered potential. Due to its demand for individuals with interdisciplinary attributes, it is probably one of the highest-paid alternative career options.

4. Public Healthcare

The leading career in the present age is the public healthcare industry. The medical universities abroad feature separate faculties of Public Healthcare Management for the students witnessing the demand of the sector in the field. This field has a huge potential in developing not just a strong foundational base but also a stable and noble career.

5. Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a leading opportunity which not only benefits you for your pockets but also helps you to establish a strong field presence in the industry. This field's primary role is to aid the traveling of the patient outside the country of residence for the purpose of receiving medical care. Growth in the popularity of this field has been a center of attraction for policy-makers, researchers, and the media all over the world.

6. Investors for Healthcare

Every day a huge bit of investments are made through and into the healthcare industry. This provides a great incentive for its investors. With the use of their knowledge after MBBS in knowing the healthcare industry, they can provide their expert insights on where to invest next. 

7. Medical Journalism & Writing

Data about new discoveries, trials, and tests are recorded using medical journals every day. It is one of the highly reputed fields. Generally used by many to publish their first thesis project. This field acts as a window of new opportunities as they can apply in hospitals, government, clinical labs, healthcare & pharmaceutical companies.

8. Sports Medicine

The number of medical students entering the sporting industry has grown with the reach of audiences interested in sports. The sports industry provides a stable career after MBBS. Along with the opportunity to meet and greet world-famous celebrities, it also provides a competitive financial package.


The world is a dynamic place. It is constantly changing, each and every day new discoveries are being made and new responsibilities are being designed to upgrade and update the resources as per the needs of the society and its lifestyle. Keeping up with the change has now become an essential skill. It is important that the seeker of growth and prosperity in the present day as well that of the future keep themselves and their skills updated. Medical study is not just limited to the traditional and conventional role but is becoming much more wider and interdisciplinary.

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